3 Reasons People Avoid The Dentist...

and how we can help!

1) “I’m afraid it will hurt.” When you come to Wahl Family Dentistry, you will be greeted by our knowledgeable and friendly staff. The whole team is dedicated to providing you the best dentistry in the least painful way possible. We have television on the ceilings of our operatories and stereo headphones to help make your visit as pleasant as possible. Nationally known for their research into various anesthetic techniques, the dentists at Wahl Family Dentistry continually strive to deliver dentistry as comfortably as possible.

2) “I can’t take off work.” We know that your schedule can be extremely busy, so Wahl Family Dentistry has evening and Saturday hours to accommodate you. We also have same day appointments so that most of the time we are able to offer appointments the same day you call if not the next day. And yes, we know that a dental problem can be just as annoying as it can be unpredictable – so emergencies are welcome in our office.

3) “It’s too hard to get there.” Wahl Family Dentistry is conveniently located at 2003 Concord Pike (DART Bus Route 2).

When my father Dr. Mervin Wahl started Wahl Family Dentistry more than 50 years ago, he started a family tradition of excellence, caring, compassion, and comfort that continues to this day. I am Dr. Michael Wahl, and Wahl Family Dentistry is literally a family of dentists and dental health care workers. We are dedicated to providing the best dentistry in the most comfortable and convenient way. Drs. Michael Wahl, Peggy Schmitt, Jean Wahl, and Patrick Wahl would be delighted to provide you with excellent dental care in a friendly and convenient setting.

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