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Healthy Teeth with Dental Checkups & Cleanings in Wilmington, DE

Preventive dentistry is based on the philosophy that six-month checkups and cleanings allow the dentist to find and treat potential or small dental problems before they escalate. Regular checkups and cleanings could save you from extensive dental work in the future. A cavity treated early may require only a small filling, but without treatment, that cavity could lead to serious oral health problems – even tooth loss.

Dental Checkups

At your checkup, we’ll update your records with new information, X-rays, and photos if necessary. The doctor will talk with you about your concerns, answering all of your questions. Your thorough oral health examination will involve an oral cancer screening, periodontal inspection, tooth-by-tooth evaluation, and assessment of your occlusion (how your upper and lower teeth fit together). If you’re concerned about how your teeth look, we can discuss cosmetic options like teeth whitening or veneers. The dentist will explain your oral health status and present options for correcting problems. We’ll work with you to design a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle, goals, and oral health needs.

Teeth Cleanings

We can often complete a cleaning at a checkup visit. (If you have gum disease, a separate visit may be required.) Our hygienist will analyze your gum tissue, record measurements in your chart, and clean the plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque is the sticky, bacteria-producing substance that naturally grows on teeth. Brushing and flossing removes most plaque, but not all. Over time, built-up plaque hardens into tartar. This tough substance, along with bacteria, irritates gum tissue and promotes infection, which we call gum disease. About 80% of the population has gum disease of some kind. Some believe this progressive condition increases the risk for strokes, diabetes complications, dementia, respiratory problems, and heart attacks. It’s also the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults. Six-month cleanings allow our hygienist to help you deter gum disease. The hygienist will be happy to teach you tips for effective, efficient brushing and flossing as well. If you have any questions about your homecare routine, she’ll provide answers.