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Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants in Wilmington, DE

In the past, dentists replaced missing teeth with bridgework, partials, and dentures. These prosthetics are still widely used today, but another, more lifelike option is available. Back in the 1960s, Dr. Mervin Wahl was fascinated by modern dental implants as an excellent alternative for patients frustrated by wearing dentures. After traveling back and forth to New York City for many courses from Dr. Leonard Linkow, he became the first dentist in Delaware to place dental implants, way before they became the common procedure they are today.

Many of the implants Dr. Mervin placed are still in service, outliving him and helping patients to function and smile.

Dental implants mimic natural tooth structure in that they feature a replacement tooth root and crown. A small implant post made of biocompatible metal is anchored to the jaw during a brief oral surgery. Bone tissue fuses to the implant to create a foundation for a replacement tooth. Dental implants can also stabilize a denture. A few strategically placed implants can hold a denture in place, eliminating the need for denture adhesive and providing a solid fit. We offer both traditional dental implants and mini dental implants. Mini implants look like the traditional variety, but they are smaller, allowing them to fuse with the jawbone more quickly.

Types of Implant Supported Tooth Replacement

At Wahl Family Dentistry, our dentists offer the surgery and restoration of dental implants.  Although we work closely with dental specialists for implant placement in most cases, many patients don’t need to see a specialist. In the comfort of our familiar Wilmington dental office, your dentist can place implants, oversee the healing process, and then design and place the final restorations.