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Written Patient Testimonials

Today, plenty of people consider reviews an important part of choosing new businesses to frequent, whether it’s a restaurant, a store, or a hair salon. When it comes to you and your family’s oral health, this decision is even more crucial, and our team wants to help you make the right choice. Take a look through our reviews below to hear about our patients’ experiences here in Wilmington, DE, and if you’ve recently visited, please consider leaving us your thoughts too through the link below!

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Laura James, Elkton, MD

Wahl Family Dentistry doesn't just provide the best expertise in their field – they provide the very best in customer service and overall care for each and every single one of their patients. Going to the dentist is never fun, but the Wahl Family doctors and their employees make having any dental procedure as enjoyable as it can be.

Upon calling for an appointment, administrators made sure I was informed on what would be covered on my insurance and what I would pay out of pocket a week prior to my appointment. It was nice to know exactly what was covered vs. a surprise bill at the end of my visit. The Administrative staff is always welcoming with a smile, and appointments are always kept on time. You will never wait in their waiting room for more than 5 minutes, a rare experience for a doctor's office.

I have had the pleasure to see every doctor in the practice (primarily Dr. Mike and Dr. Pat, but Dr. Peggy and Dr. Jean are just as fantastic) and I am thoroughly impressed with how genuine their care and concerns are for their patients. Each doctor in the practice will freely offer their cell phone numbers just in case you have an emergency after your procedures.

I, personally, have had several root canals done that I put off for years. Although every dentist has helped me, Dr. Pat (given he is an Endodontist) has treated my teeth the most. He was attentive about my treatment, walked me through every step in the procedure, and even called me the next day to see how I was doing and if I had any pain.

You get the feeling that their staff loves working there, which further validates the sincerity of the Wahl family. In terms of the team's Dental Assistant staff, Michelle, Jessica, and particularly Nastassja have all been nothing shy of amazing. Victoria, one of the Front Desk employees, is extremely thorough and I don't think I've ever seen her without a smile on her face.

I felt so strongly about the consistent care I have received from this practice that it prompted me to take the time to write this review. I only wish that I had gone to Wahl Family Dentistry first before any other practice - they are simply the best in the business! Don't bother going to another place, you won't be making a mistake putting your trust in this team!


I just wanted to thank you and Sue for making Michael's first check up a wonderful experience. I remember as a child enjoying going to the dentist and I think Michael will as well. Sue took the time to explain everything and make it not as scary. He had fun. I had to laugh when you juggled for him. It brought back memories of my checkups and picking a prize from the treasure chest. I am sure my grandfather and your father were smiling down today, enjoying it as well. He is our family's fourth generation going to your practice. Looking forward to many more wonderful visits. My other son Matthew will come as well. Thank you again for making it such a comfortable and fun experience today.

See you soon,

Debbie Lewis

The visit I had today at your office was wonderful! Dr. Wahl Senior took care of my teeth as a child, and I faithful went to him at Independence mall. As I grew, like some adults I neglected to go to the dentist on a continuous basis. Well today I received a checkup, X-rays and cleaning. When I left, I had a Plan of Care and financial information readily available for me. I am very excited to continue with my plan of care and I feel like everyone really took an interest in me and my well-being. Thank you so very much for making the experience of returning to the dentist after years of neglect so through and sufficient. I will be having the work done I have discussed with your staff.

Michael A

Dr. Jean,
Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication, and encouragement during this "journey" achieving my wonderful smile! And thank you to your amazing staff who made all my visits extremely memorable and fun with their warm smile and friendly demeanor!

Michael A