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Fluoride Treatments in Wilmington, DE

Most of our patients with developing teeth have access to the necessary levels of fluoride in the tap water they consume. However, as more people drink bottled water, we begin to see patients developing fluoride deficiency, which produces weaker dental structures and may lead to decay. For young patients with developing dental structures, we may recommend a fluoride supplement to improve the strength of their developing teeth. In many cases, switching to tap water is the best solution to ensure patients have access to adequate fluoride intake.

After teeth erupt, ingested fluoride is no longer as important to oral health. At this point, tooth enamel is fortified with topical fluoride treatments. Many patients receive adequate fluoride from toothpastes and mouthwashes, but those who are at higher risk for decay may need additional fluoride supplements to keep their enamel strong. Fluoride attracts minerals to the surfaces of teeth that strengthen them.

Fluoride Treatment Options

We offer a number of fluoride treatment options, including professional grade fluoride mouth rinse, fluoride supplements, and prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste. These elevate the levels of topical fluoride applied during at-home hygiene. We may also recommend the application of topical fluoride in our office to reduce dental sensitivity and strengthen tooth enamel.