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Digital X-Rays

Radiographs, commonly referred to as X-rays, are an essential part of oral health care diagnosis and treatment planning. Traditional X-rays exposed patients to large amounts of radiation and exposed dental team members to hazardous chemicals during the development of these images. Traditional X-rays provide mid to low quality scans of the interior structures of patients’ teeth. When viewed on a specialized light display board, these X-rays allow our team to see possibly damaged areas of teeth, developmental concerns, and bite misalignments. Unfortunately, these large scans are difficult to store and even more cumbersome to transfer to specialists, insurance providers, and other interested parties.

Thankfully, our office uses state-of-the-art Gendex digital x-rays. These digital X-rays protect patients, exposing them to 40% less radiation, and they produce higher quality images that are immediately available for view on chairside computer monitors. No need to store or transfer large, fragile X-ray film. Instead, digital X-rays offer high-definition images of the inner workings of patients’ smiles that are easily shared via computer with patients, dental labs, insurance providers, and specialists. Additionally, we are able to easily compare X-rays from appointment to appointment. This allows us to carefully analyze even minor changes and more accurately diagnose and treat oral health issues as they arise. Digital X-rays have also transformed the way we interact with patients, making them active partners in their treatment planning. We are able to enlarge, highlight, and otherwise enhance digital X-rays to clearly demonstrate areas for concern and more accurately explain potential treatment options. That means our patients feel more confident that they are getting the care they need.