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Where's Toothy?

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Tatnall School students were happy to see Toothy. Even though National Children's Dental Health Month was in February, some of Toothy's visits were postponed because of all the snow days.


Toothy visited Brandywine Springs School. Some of the 1st grade students were surprised to find out they should brush their teeth before you go to bed.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Toothy had fun at Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM), where a young lass asked, "Why do we have gums?" What a great question! The function of our gums is to cover the bone. Together, healthy gums and bone support the teeth to keep them strong.


The children at Odyssey Charter Lower School loved seeing and hugging Toothy. After hearing about the differences between healthy and unhealthy snacks, one child commented, "My mom should hear this when she packs my lunch!”

Mt. Pleasant

Toothy went back to Mt. Pleasant to visit 1st grade classes. Pictured next to Toothy in the red shirt is Jonas Wahl, the son of our own Dr. Jean and Dr. Pat.


Brandywine YMCA preschool enjoyed the book "Visit to the Dentist."

Wilmington Headstart

At Wilmington Headstart, the kids had a blast with Toothy! We love the mugs they gave us as a thanks.

Mt. Pleasant

Toothy and Tina visited Mount Pleasant Elementary School to share some thoughts on good oral health and hygiene during National Childrens' Dental Health Month.

All Saints

Toothy visited Mrs. Nancy Raymond's 2nd grade classroom at All Saints Catholic School. Mrs. Raymond has been a longtime patient of Dr. Mike's (and Dr. Mervin's before him) and is a "missionary" of good dental health and hygiene to her students. When Toothy visited another classroom, some of the students were eager to talk about their parents' soda-drinking habits.

Lancashire Elementary School

Students at Lancashire Elementary School enjoyed giving Toothy some high fives!

Odyssey Upper School

Toothy visited Odyssey Upper School, where students learn all the regular subjects in addition to Greek. Toothy wants to make sure that good dental health and hygiene are not as difficult as Greek is to some people.

Toothy and Tina visited Odyssey Charter School, where they discussed good dental health and hygiene. They will be featured in the school newsletter, shown below:

A Visit to St. Anne's School

Toothy visited St. Anne's School, commemorating National Children's Dental Health Month. Toothy says, "When playing sports, be sure to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth!"

A Visit to Carrcroft Elementary

Toothy visited Carrcroft Elementary, where one curious student asked, "What does the uvula do?" After researching it, we discovered that the uvula, the "dangly thing" at the back of the palate, probably helps in some way with speech. Toothy says, "Great question, small fry!"

Toothy Teaches Adorable Preschoolers at Concord Bright Horizons Good Dental Hygiene

Toothy enjoyed visiting the preschoolers at Concord Bright Horizons and sharing tips for good dental hygiene with them. Tina and Toothy brought an oversized mouth model for them to practice on.

Wilmington Montessori School Visit

To celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month, Toothy dropped off some toothbrushes for the students at Wilmington Montessori School. With all the snow days this year, the teachers and children were too busy for an in-classroom visit, but the school hopes for such a visit next year from Toothy.

Toothy Visits Bright Horizons School

Toothy enjoyed visiting Bright Horizon Child Development Center at Astra Zeneca for National Childrens’ Dental Health Month. It was great to see kindergarten prep teacher and former Wahl Family Dentistry employee Katie Nelson (on the top picture on the right), who helped spread the word about good dental health and hygiene. Toothy says, "Be true to your teeth or they'll be false to you."

Toothy Visits Claymont Elementary School

Toothy visited Claymont Elementary School as part of National Childrens’ Dental Health Month. Toothy seems to be very popular wherever he visits!

Toothy Visits Forwood Elementary and West End Neighborhood House Aftercare

Toothy visited Forwood Elementary School to celebrate National Childrens’ Dental Health Month and to hand out toothbrushes. The children really enjoyed Toothy and asked lots of questions about dental care and dental health.

Toothy Visits Gateway Lab Charter School and Aldersgate Montessori School.

Toothy visited Gateway Lab Charter School to celebrate National Childrens' Dental Health Month. The children loved Toothy.

Toothy Visits Brandywine Valley Christian School

Tina and Toothy visited Brandywine Valley Christian School for National Childrens' Dental Health

Toothy Visits Children's House Montessori School to Kick Off National Childrens’ Dental Health Month.

To kick off National Childrens’ Dental Health Month, Toothy visited Children’s House Montessori School. It was a snowy day, so Kira and Leah were out of school and were pleased to help hand out toothbrushes at their former school.

Toothy Visits Baltz Horizons School

Toothy visited Baltz Elementary in observation of National Childrens’ Dental Health Month. Tina and Alyssa read a book about dentistry to the children, explained the importance of good dental health and hygiene, and helped Toothy hand out toothbrushes.