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General Family Dentistry in Wilmington, DE

A general dentist can perform a wide range of procedures, from placing fillings and crowns to designing implants restorations, crown-and-bridgework, dentures, and periodontal treatment. General dentists can treat patients of all ages – thus, they’re often family dentists as well. At Wahl Family Dentistry, Dr. Michael Wahl, Dr. Jean Wahl, and Dr. Margaret Schmitt are general dentists.

Providing Advanced Dental Care

The dentists at Wahl Family Dentistry are passionate about dentistry and dental health. They keep up with the latest advancements in dentistry not only by taking continuing education classes, but by providing continuing education as well. They have collaborated on many research projects and published their findings in prestigious dental and medical journals in order to share new insights for better dental treatment not only for their patients, but also for patients of their physician and dentist colleagues as well.

In addition to volunteering their time doing research and publishing their findings, the dentists at Wahl Family Dentistry have enjoyed volunteering for those less fortunate. Dr. Michael traveled at his own expense to Thailand on a medical/dental mission with Feed the Children to provide villagers there with needed medical and dental work, in addition to eyeglasses. Many of them had never been to a dentist, and Dr. Michael removed 500 teeth in two weeks without electricity or running water. The group stayed in a hotel in the city of Chiang Mai (and later Chiang Rai) and traveled by van for an hour or two every day to remote villages, bringing supplies and equipment (including an old barber chair) to spend the day caring for patients. They used boiling water to sterilize instruments! He has also volunteered at the Pierre Toussaint Dental Clinic that’s run by the Ministry of Caring in Wilmington and has volunteered teaching dental students and dentists at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, the Temple University School of Dental Medicine and at the general practice residency program at Christiana Care Health Services. Dr. Patrick volunteered teaching in the endodontic section of the general practice residency program of Christiana Care Health Services. Dr. Peggy has volunteered at the Pierre Toussaint Dental Clinic run by the Ministry of Caring in Wilmington, and Drs. Jean, Peggy, and Michael have given many presentations on dental health to schools and daycares in the area.

Our family dental practice also employs hygienists who have degrees in dental hygiene. They perform periodontal maintenance therapy and dental cleanings. Our hygienists also educate patients on the best homecare techniques. At your appointment, the hygienist can answer all of your questions and recommend oral healthcare products for use at home.

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Aside from our professional titles and education, our team members have a family-first philosophy, and we always treat our patients like family. This means your needs, your wants, your comfort, and your satisfaction will always be the most important aspect of our practice. To learn how we can provide the best dental care you’ve ever experienced, our doctors and team members will talk with you and get to know you. We sincerely want to know what you like and dislike about our dentistry so that we can customize a rewarding visit just for you.