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August 29, 2013

Congratulations Angie on Her 10-year Anniversary with Wahl Family Dentistry

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Dr Mike took everyone to Macaroni Grill to celebrate Angie’s 10-year anniversary as a dental hygienist at Wahl Family Dentistry. Here is Angie and Dr Mike with Angie’s parents, her husband Warren and their newest addition Warren Jr (actually the fourth). We are so lucky to have Angie, an excellent hygienist who is beloved by her patients as well as the rest of the staff.

August 26, 2013

Drs Mike and Peggy and Families Enjoy an Afternoon in West Chester

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Drs Mike and Peggy (who lives in West Chester) and their families enjoyed lunch at the fine West Chester restaurant Limoncello before going to the West Chester YMCA to go swimming at the outdoor pool.

August 23, 2013

Our Patient Vinnie Moore Jams With Peter Frampton

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Vinnie Moore is a famous rock guitarist and the brother-in-law of our office manager Susan. He’s also our patient. He’s been featured in Guitar Player magazine, and he has opened for the Canadian band Rush. His first professional work was playing guitar for a national Pepsi commercial. You can find out more about Vinnie at

Although with his good looks and long hair, he looks like a rock and roll musician, he is extremely modest, easygoing, and a family man to his wife Lisa and two sons in Newark. He recently was invited by Peter Frampton to play at Music Fest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where this picture of the two of them jamming was taken. Keep rockin’ Vinnie!

Dr Mike and Family Visit the Great Wolf Lodge

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Dr Mike, Tina, Kira, and Leah visited the Great Wolf Lodge and had a lot of fun at the waterpark. Kira and Leah loved their Kid Kamp room too.

August 19, 2013

Dr Jean and Alyssa Welcome New Dental Assistant

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Dr Jean and her assistant Alyssa enjoyed working with our newest dental assistant, 5-year-old Tylire Wynn, who helped with an excellent patient, Tylire’s brother Traimeir Flowers. Great job Tylire and Traimeir!

Leah Walks on Her Hands

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Leah shows how she does a walking handstand. Amazing!

August 16, 2013

Leah Has New “School ‘Do,” Courtesy of Corey

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Leah shows off her new hairdo that her brother Corey did. It was a double-process cut and color. It looks as good as a triple-process to me. Leah loves it although she is a little concerned that her school may require her to go back to her natural color. Great job Corey!

The Dr. Oz Show

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Dr Oz is a local boy (he went to Tower Hill School) who has made it big. He now has his own television show “The Dr Oz Show.” He sometimes talks about dental topics, including dental amalgam fillings and dental x rays. Much of what he says on dental topics, however, is either off the mark or downright false. You can see critiques of his comments here, here, and here.

Corey and Dr Mike take in the Eagles-Panthers Preseason Game

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Dr Mike and Corey enjoyed watching the Eagles defeat the Panthers in a Thursday night preseason game as a birthday/graduation gift for Corey.

Coupon for Kira’s Store

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I think Kira may be a future retailing mogul!

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